jeudi 28 octobre 2021
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What every engineer should know about software engineering
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What is the goal of this book?
This is a book about software engineering, but its purpose is not to enable you to leap into the role of a fully trained software engineer. That goal would be impossible to achieve solely with the reading of any book. Instead, the goal of this book is to help you better understand the nature of software engineering as a profession, as an engineering discipline, as a culture, and as an art form. And it is because of its ever morphing, multidimensional nature that non-software engineers have so much difficulty understanding the challenges software engineers must face.
Many practicing software engineers have little or no formal education in software engineering. While software engineering is a discipline in which practice and experience are important, it is rare that someone who has not studied software engineering will have the skills and knowledge needed to efficiently build industrial strength, reliable software systems. While these individuals may be perfectly capable of building working systems, unless a deliberate software engineering approach is followed, the cost of development will probably be higher than necessary, and the cost of maintaining the system will certainly be higher than it ought to be.

How is this book different from other software engineering books?
It is different from other software engineering books and from every other book I have written in that it is in Socratic form; that is, in the form of questions and answers. In some places I have shamelessly reused material from my books, particularly
Software Engineering for Image Processing Systems (with attributions) , but even then, significant rewriting was needed to place the material in the appropriate form of discourse. Indeed, in this present text I have generalized the concepts from that of predecessors to address the broader needs of all kinds of engineers.


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