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Semiconductor devices for High-Speed Optoelectronics

  • Semiconductor devices for High-Speed OptoelectronicsTitre : Semiconductor devices for High-Speed Optoelectronics
  • Nombre de pages : 477
  • Table des matières :

Preface page

1 Semiconductors, alloys, heterostructures

1.1 Introducing semiconductors

1.2 Semiconductor crystal structure

1.3 Semiconductor electronic properties

1.4 Carrier densities in a semiconductor


1.5 Heterostructures

1.6 Semiconductor alloys

1.7 Bandstructure engineering: heterojunctions and quantum wells

1.8 Semiconductor transport and generation–recombination

1.9 Questions and problems

2 Semiconductor optical properties

2.1 Modeling the interaction between EM waves and the semiconductor

2.2 The macroscopic view: permittivities and permeabilities

2.3 The microscopic view: EM wave–semiconductor interaction

2.4 The macroscopic view: the EM wave standpoint

2.4.5 Spontaneous emission, gain, and absorption spectra

2.5 The macroscopic view: the semiconductor standpoint

2.6 Questions and problems

3 High-speed semiconductor devices and circuits

3.1 Electronic circuits in optical communication systems

3.2 Transmission lines

3.3 The scattering parameters

3.4 Passive concentrated components

3.4.1 Bias Ts

3.5 Active components

3.6 Noise in electron devices

3.7 Monolithic and hybrid microwave integrated circuits and optoelectronic integrated circuits

3.8 Questions and problems

4 Detectors

4.1 Photodetector basics

4.2 Photodetector structures

4.3 Photodetector materials

4.4 Photodetector parameters

4.5 Photodetector noise

4.6 Photodiodes

4.7 The pn photodiode

4.8 The pin photodiode

4.9 The pin frequency response

4.10 Advanced pin photodiodes

4.11 Avalanche photodiodes

4.12 Noise in APDs and pins

4.13 The APD frequency response

4.14 Advanced APD structures

4.15 Concluding remarks on high-speed PDs

4.16 The photodiode front end

4.17 Front-end SNR analysis and pin–APD comparison

4.18 Front-end examples

4.19 Questions and problems

5 Source

5.1 Optical source choices

5.2 Light-emitting diodes

5.3 From LED to laser

5.4 The Fabry–Perot cavity resonant modes

5.5 Material and cavity gain

5.5.1 Analysis of the overlap integral

5.6 The FP laser from below to above threshold

5.7 The laser evolution: tailoring the active region

5.8 The laser evolution: improving the spectral purity and stability

5.9 The laser temperature behavior

5.10 Laser linewidth

5.11 Laser dynamics and modulation response

5.12 Dynamic large-signal and small-signal laser modeling

5.13 Laser relative intensity noise

5.14 Questions and problems

6 Modulators

6.1 Light modulation and modulator choices

6.2 Modulator parameters

6.3 Electrooptic modulators

6.4 The Mach–Zehnder electrooptic modulator

6.5 The traveling-wave Mach–Zehnder modulator

6.6 High-speed electrooptic modulator design

6.9 The distributed electroabsorption modulator

6.10 Electroabsorption modulator examples

6.11 Modulator and laser biasing

6.12 Modulator and laser drivers

6.12.1 The high-speed driver amplifier

6.13 Questions and problems

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Semiconductor devices for High-Speed Optoelectronics
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